Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to school, back to clutter

I lost my momentum with the kids going back to school.  All this business of buying school supplies, and shoes, and alarm clocks, and always a few other temptations while I am out shopping...  On top of it, today was another trip to Target to buy items for a baby shower, and darned if I didn't pick up some cute Post-It notes and Freezees for 70% off...  I've got the whole flow going backwards. 

I tried to be funny about it.  I posted on Facebook just now:
A wise woman told me that if I was overwhelmed with cleaning the house, I might want to start in the bedroom, because that would give me a sense of peace when I go to bed at night. Here I am. I swear the laptop just followed me in here.
Time to change the chi around here, it's starting to smell.

Just when I was about to sign off, I heard my husband get home and start to empty the dishwasher!  I think that's where the good chi is!  I gotta go!

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